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  • Veg Fried Rice

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    Veg fried rice recipe – Delicious, flavorful and quick to make veg fried rice! There are so many ways a fried rice can be made. Chinese fried rice ...

  • Paneer fried Rice

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    Paneer fried rice recipe - one of the easiest paneer recipes that can be made in a jiffy for lunch box or for a quick meal - recipe with step by step ...

  • Schezwan Fried Rice

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    schezwan fried rice recipe with step by step photos – spicy and tasty indo chinese recipe of stir fried vegetables and rice in schezwan sauce. if you crave for something spicy for lunch or dinner, then this schezwan fried rice recipe is really a very good option.

  • Singapuri Fried Rice

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    A sumptuous rice dish with a zesty flavour, the Singapore Fried Rice is made of perfectly cooked long-grained rice and a horde of veggies, pepped up with ginger, garlic, pepper and varied sauces. ... If you wish, you can improve this dish further by adding mushrooms too.

  • Veg Hakka Noodles

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    making hakka noodles. heat oil in a wok or kadai or a pan. on medium heat, first add the dry red chilies and garlic. saute for a minute, then add the finely chopped spring onions and french beans. increase the flame and stir fry for 3 minutes. add the mushrooms, carrots, bell pepper (capsicum) and celery.

  • Veg Singapuri Noodles

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    singapore noodles recipe with step by step pics. singapore noodles or singapore mei fun is one of the delicious variety of stir fried noodles that ...

  • Veg Schezwan Noodles

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    making schezwan noodles. now reduce the flame to medium heat and add schezwan sauce, salt and black pepper. add the hakka noodles in batches and stir fry. increase the flame and keep on tossing and stir frying the noodles till the schezwan sauce coats all the noodles well. add rice vinegar or white vinegar and mix well ...

  • Chrispy Noodles

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    Heat oil in a deep frying pan over medium flame. Deep fry boiled noodles in batches until light brown and crispy. Drain excess oil and transfer them on to oil absorbent paper spread on a plate. Crunchy noodles are ready.

  • Chilly Garlic Noodles

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    it is a popula indo chinese noodles recipe prepared with fresh hakka noodles with garlic and chilli flavour. ... it is ideally served by itself with out any side dish but tastes good with chilli paneer or gobi manchurian gravies. ... the recipe is very similar to any other indo chinese ...

  • Egg Fried Rice

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    Pour the single beaten egg over the rice and stir to coat the rice with the egg. Cook for another minute. Add the soy sauce and sesame oil (if using) and stir to distribute the sauces. Add the 3 scrambled eggs and stir to mix again.

  • Chicken Fried Rice

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    Chicken fried rice recipe, made in Indo chinese style. Simple, easy to make & delicious fried rice made with tender chunks of chicken, soya ...

  • Chicken Schezwan Fried Rice

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    schezwan chicken fried rice recipe - This hot, spicy and delicious chicken fried rice is so easy to make and just needs basic ingredients.

  • Fish Fried Rice

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    Assamese Fish Fried Rice is a typical rice preparation made in Assam and it no where resembles the Chinese fried rice recipe. This fried rice ...

  • Chicken Noodles

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    A classic from the Chinese cuisine, Chicken Fried Noodles is one of the most sought after non-vegetarian recipes. A sumptuous dish, this ...

  • Chicken Singapuri Noodles

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    Chicken Singapuri Noodles. Chicken Singapuri Noodles.

  • Chicken Schezwan Noodles

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    chicken schezwan noodles main picture Tired of heading to a Chinese restaurant every Friday when those cravings kick in? It's time you learn ...